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Medicine Matters Home Leadership Vice Chair Spotlight: Dr. Rebecca Dezube

Vice Chair Spotlight: Dr. Rebecca Dezube

Over the next few months, we will be highlighting a member of the Department of Medicine vice chair team each week to learn more about them and their roles in the department. Want more info? Find vice chair bios, FAQs, resources and more on our DOM Vice Chair Sharepoint.

Vice Chair for Inpatient Operations at The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Rebecca Dezube, MD, MHS is the Vice Chair for Inpatient Operations at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. She served as an Assistant Chief of Service for the Department of Medicine in 2013-2014 and continued to assist the residency program in its operational needs upon joining faculty, ultimately assuming the inaugural role of Assistant Program Director for Clinical Operations for the Osler Medical Residency. She is intrigued by questions of how and where we deliver care and thus expanded her operational roles to the Department of Medicine. She currently attends in the Johns Hopkins Medical Intensive Care Unit and in the Johns Hopkins Adult Cystic Fibrosis Clinic. She also serves as medical director of the Johns Hopkins Capacity Command Center and as co-director of the Medical Progressive Care Unit.

As vice chair, she aims to:

  • Serve as a resource for physicians attending on inpatient services in the Department of Medicine, including troubleshooting problems with challenging patient situations
  • Optimize patient flow through the department
  • Evaluate and refine our inpatient services and teams

To respond to the needs of our inpatient teams, she leads a group of Inpatient Physician Administrators (DOM-IPA). This group serves as a resource to faculty, housestaff, nursing staff, and to the Capacity Command Center.

Examples of projects she has undertaken include the transitioning of the Medical Progressive Care Unit from an open unit with up to 10 different physician teams to a closed unit with two local teams, and the restructuring of housestaff subspecialist services to smaller, more focused teams.  She is currently examining how we can improve workflow to decrease boarding time for patients in the Emergency Department who are admitted to the Department of Medicine. She has led the COVID-19 inpatient bed planning and management for the Department of Medicine

Dr. Dezube recently welcomed her fourth child. Anna, currently five months, joins big siblings Michael (7), Adam (5) and Miriam (2).


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