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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care Epic Upgrade Tips: November 11, 2022

Epic Upgrade Tips: November 11, 2022

Epic Upgrade November 10, 2022

Below are upgrade key slides of interest worth reviewing in the attached PowerPoint slide deck:

Epic Upgrade Overview


Inpatient & Ambulatory

Epic Newsletter - New!!

Reprinting Orders

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Default eSignature method is “Click/Tap” to Sign Hot Topic!

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  • Review the blog post here.

Witness Signature for Consents is No Longer required- Hot Topic!

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  • Note: Telephone consents continue to require a witness.

Ambulatory Only

Privacy for the Schedule

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Automatic Printing of LabCorp/Quest Requisitions Discontinued – Deferred to 1/2023

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New Fall Risk Flag & Post Fall Flowsheet

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Additional Recent Updates:

Inpatient: Priority Levels for Imaging Orders

  • To ensure patient care needs are met, use of the Priority field for imaging orders.
  • Below are guidelines for when to use each priority:
    • STAT: For exams with a potential for critical results that could result in harm.
    • ASAP: For exams that require earlier decision-making and for discharge. Prioritized over other inpatient exams.
    • Routine: For exams that can wait for the next inpatient availability.
  • Review the blog post here.

Inpatient: Methadone for Home Use Workflow [Effective 11/10/2022]

  • A new methadone order set was created as a bridge to ongoing treatment, to improve discharge outcomes in the hospital and/or ED, and to facilitate the DEA exemption, which allows for the dispensing of up to 3 days of methadone for opioid use disorder.
  • Eligible patients must be actively enrolled in an opioid treatment program or be formally accepted in an opioid treatment program that is inaccessible at the time of discharge.
  • Review Dispensing Methadone for Opioid Use Disorder and organization specific workflows at JHH and JHBMC.

Inpatient: Comfort Care in ICUs

  • The JHH-BMC Adult Comfort Care Focused order set includes orders for a continuous opioid infusion for comfort care at end of life in the ICU.
  • These orders reflect evidence-based best practice, and may require a change from usual practice for some clinicians.
  • Please review the Comfort Care Order Set Communication prepared by Dr. David Wu, Director, JHBMC Palliative Care Program, for important information about opiate use for comfort care.

Ambulatory: SmartList Error in Notes

  • ISSUE: Since the 8/4/22 upgrade, SmartLists contained within SmartTexts stopped responding to keyboard strokes under certain conditions [e.g. pressing Enter or F2 doesn't function].
  • FIX: Users should click outside of the SmartList, so that affected SmartLists respond to keyboard strokes. There is no date as to when this issue will be permanently resolved.
  • Review the blog post here.

Ambulatory: Fix for Anti-Coag New INR Results Entry Error Message

  • ISSUE: When results are entered in the "New POCT" or "New External" fields of the Anticoagulation Tracking, an error message appears.
  • FIX: Enter any text in the Lab Description field after documenting a lab or authorizing provider & before accepting the value in the INR Entry window.
    • NOTE: Clinicians can enter a ‘period’ or a ‘–‘ rather than text, if preferred.
  • Review the blog post here.

-Juliet Allen, MSN, RN, Business Solutions Analyst, Health IT Optimization & User Wellbeing

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