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Streiff Receives Interprofessional Practice Award

Dr. Michael Streiff, professor in the Division of Hematology, received the 2022 Interprofessional Practice Award from the Department of Pharmacy of The Johns Hopkins Hospital. The award is given annually to an individual from another health profession who has worked collaboratively with pharmacists of The Johns Hopkins Hospital Department of Pharmacy to make sustained contributions to pharmacy practice, research or education consistent with the departmental mission, vision and values. Dr. Streiff is the second recipient of this award.

From the Announcement:

“The recipient of the 2022 Department of Pharmacy Interprofessional Practice Award is Michael Streiff, M.D. Dr. Streiff is the Medical Director of the Anticoagulation Management Service and Outpatient Clinics in The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Professor of Medicine in the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Streiff has been an invaluable partner in the conduct of patient care services, education and research in collaboration with the Department of Pharmacy since 2003.  Dr. Streiff has been a steadfast advocate for pharmacist services.  His collaboration and support led to the advancement of pharmacy practice and significant improvements in patient care. In his role as Medical Director of the Hematology Anticoagulation Clinic and the Antithrombotic and Hemostasis Stewardship Program, he has optimized patient outcomes and improved medication safety for thousands of patients in partnership with pharmacists. He is a champion of innovative care models, most recently supporting a new pharmacist-led anticoagulation bridging service and outcomes assessment of the service.  He is an avid proponent of pharmacy resident education and has served as the principal investigator and research advisor for numerous resident projects, many of which resulted in peer-reviewed publications. He has also collaborated with multiple pharmacists on complex research projects for years. From VTE prevention with Dr. Peggy Kraus to accurate INR measurements with Dr. Ken Shermock, Dr. Streiff’s collaborative research with pharmacists has led to meaningful practice changes for patients. He most recently lent his strong support grant submission for funding to establish one of the first PGY2 pharmacy residency training programs in Thrombosis and Hemostasis Management in collaboration with Dr. Katie Dane.  Dr. Streiff has helped testify on the importance of pharmacy practice that led to expansion of pharmacists’ scope of practice through Drug Therapy Management privileges.  He was featured on a video produced by the Board of Pharmacy Specialties describing the value and importance of board certified pharmacists.  Whenever a pharmacist consults Dr. Streiff regarding a complex patient issue, you know that the discussion will be collegial and collaborative.  He makes it clear in every interaction that he values the expertise and insight of pharmacists and embodies the values of interprofessional care in his daily actions. It has been a pleasure and honor to work collaboratively with Dr. Streiff as an interprofessional colleague for so many years on these and many other important initiatives. We are excited to honor his significant and sustained contributions through this award."


Kelsey Bennett