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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care Epic Tips: January 20, 2023

Epic Tips: January 20, 2023

Epic Upgrade January 19, 2023

Below are upgrade key slides of interest worth reviewing in the attached PowerPoint slide deck:

Inpatient & Ambulatory

Epic Newsletter - New!!

Analytics Catalog Replaces the Library

Results Review Gets a Scrollbar – Back to Basics!!

  • Slide 8

Easier Cosign-Required Notes

  • Slide 11

Synopsis Updates – Major Change!

Ambulatory Only

Streamlined Telephone & Refill Encounters Major Change!

Expected Patient from Ambulatory to ED Workflow – Hot Topic!

  • Slide 7
  • Completion of a new Epic form, eliminating the need for direct provider telephone communication, automatically places the expected ED patient on the ED status board, and is available for all ambulatory clinicians in all adult and pediatric ambulatory locations.

New Result Note Icon in Result Management

  • Slide 10

Refreshed Review Flowsheets

  • Slides 47-50

Cupid Only

Table of Contents

  • Slide 7

Web Narrator – Hot Topic!

  • Slides 16-39

Specialty Web Narrator slides – Hot Topic!

  • Slides 5

Additional Recent Updates

Inpatient: Medical Decision-Making [MDM] Documentation & Billing Criteria SmartPhrase Update

  • For Academic note templates ("AD" in the title – e.g. JHM AD ADULT DAILY PROGRESS NOTE) click the MDM Smart Block button to display the updated MDM criteria.
  • For Other note templates type “.mdm2023inpatient” to insert the MDM documentation within your note as these notes do not include the MDM Smart Block.
  • Review the blog post here.

Inpatient: MRI Screening Form

  • The link to the electronic MRI screening form is in the “Orders Requiring A Screening Form” section of the Order Report or on the “Rad” Patent List report.
  • Note:
    • According to JHHS guidelines for Inpatients, if an MRI order is not associated with a completed MRI screening form, two reminders are sent to the ordering provider at 12 and 24 hours. The MRI order is cancelled if the screening form is not completed by the 32nd hour [day 3].
    • Each MRI encounter requires a new screening form.
    • The completed MRI Screening form expires after 24 hours.
    • A HERO will be submitted for incomplete forms that pose a safety risk.
  • For more information review the Electronic MRI Screening tip Sheet.

Inpatient: AVS & Discharge Summary Updates

  • When a discharge medication order with a Start Taking date of two or more days in the future, the IP AVS & DC Summary displays the following statement:

“Your doctor has ordered one or more medicines for you to start taking at a later date. Please review this medication list carefully. Do not take a medicine before the 'Start Taking' date listed with each medicine.”

  • Review the blog post here.

Inpatient: New Glycemic Risk Column - Patient Lists [Effective January 24, 2023]

  • Click “Properties” in Patient Lists and search for “Glycemic”. Add the column and click Accept.
  • A stop sign displays in the column when the patient has any criteria.
  • Double click within the column to open the Glucose Report.
  • Note: The scoring system does not evaluate any patient with an active pediatric endocrinology consult order and should not be used to oversee these patients.
  • Review the blog post here.

Inpatient & Ambulatory: Epic is hosting free “Efficiency Hour” Webinars

  • These are one-hour efficiency sessions offered by Epic in Verona, WI (not specific to Johns Hopkins Medicine). They have been very well reviewed by prior attendees.
  • CME credit is available through the University of Wisconsin.
  • See and choose one of several opportunities to attend on the dates below:

Inpatient & Ambulatory: Nuance PowerMic Mobile Issue

  • PowerMic Mobile stops unexpectedly on iOS 16.2.
  • Workaround:
    • Launch PowerMic Mobile and login.
    • Tap the Options […] icon on the top right of screen.
    • Tap
    • Under Sounds, tap Never Play Sounds and exit Settings.
  • No resolution information is currently available.

Ambulatory: JHHC Updates Annual Wellness Visits for Medicare Advantage & Non-Medicare Patients

  • Annual Wellness visits can now be completed at any time during the calendar year.
  • The new My Panel Metric, ‘Adult Wellness Visit Overdue’, combines Medicare Wellness Visit [JHM ADV] and Annual Wellness Visit 65+ [PPMCO, USFHP, & EHP].

  • Review the blog post here.

-Juliet Allen, MSN, RN, Business Solutions Analyst, Health IT Optimization & User Wellbeing

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