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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care New High-Sensitivity Troponin (hs-Trop) Assay

New High-Sensitivity Troponin (hs-Trop) Assay

JHH is transitioning to a High-Sensitivity Troponin (hs-Trop) Assay on Tuesday, May 16.  Bayview has already made this transition.

Use of hs-Trop is the current evidence-based standard of care. Because the test is more sensitive, troponin will now be detectable in many healthy patients. High risks groups will be defined as those with elevation relative to the population 99th percentile or rapid rate of change. The current troponin order will be replaced by hs-Trop options for 1) a timed series or 2) a single test. A guideline will be available in the AgileMD tool to aid in interpretation and use of the new assay. Look for additional information in the upcoming weeks.


Kelsey Bennett