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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care Epic Upgraded Hyperspace Tips: May 26, 2023

Epic Upgraded Hyperspace Tips: May 26, 2023

***Epic Upgrade June 1, 2023

Inpatient & Ambulatory:

Ambulatory Slides

Inpatient Slides

New “Notification Center” Going Live [Slides OP 23-28 / IP 21-27] Important Change!!

Key Points:

  • Find In Basket, Secure Chat, and General notifications in one place.
  • Choose which 4 In Basket folders appear on the toolbar.
  • Secure Chat bubble icon moves from the left => right in the Notification Center.
    • Displays the number of unread Secure Chat conversations [purple color].
    • Important messages display in yellow with a red arrow .
  • General notifications include the following alerts:
    • Devices (Heart rate monitors, Nurse call buttons, Bed Alarms, etc.)
    • Identity Merge Locks
    • Print Job
    • Provider Deficiency Warnings
    • What's New Messaging
  • Kick-start your Epic upgrade now!! Click the icon in your MyCloud apps.
  • Review the blog post here along with the tip sheet.

More Upgraded Hyperspace Basics

Highlights - Upgraded Hyperspace – Go Live Resources

  • Updated look to basic navigation tools.
    • “Pin it” instead of Wrench it in. Drag and drop to reorder items on the Epic Toolbar!
    • Chart Search moves from right => left under the Epic button. Tip: Click <alt> to open the search field.
    • Updated Patient Lookup functionality. Pin the “Recent Patients” tab.
  • Apply filters, personalize, and rearrange buttons in the Medications Activity.
  • Smarter Sticky notes. Add SmartTools and pin to auto open in the chart.
  • Use Ctrl + F to Find text in reports.
  • Add media attachments to notes.
  • The Analytics Catalog replaces the Library in My Reports.

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-Juliet Allen, MSN, RN, Business Solutions Analyst, Health IT Optimization & User Wellbeing

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