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Medicine Matters Home Congratulations Dar, Outten, Wenz and Wiederrecht Receive Advanced Practice Provider Appreciation Awards

Dar, Outten, Wenz and Wiederrecht Receive Advanced Practice Provider Appreciation Awards

The Advanced Practice Provider Appreciation Award from the JHH Advanced Practice Advisory Council recognizes clinical excellence and the embodiment of The Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

November APP Appreciation Award

Sheeba Dar, physician assistant in the Division of Cardiology

Sheeba embodies the JHH mission and core values. She is a tireless advocate for the patients under the care of the Electrophysiology group. She works tirelessly to ensure that patients are cared for both before and after procedures. She will arrange to see patients quickly (sometimes on the same day) in follow up with any concerning issue that develops post op.

December APP Appreciation Award

Carrie Outten, clinical nurse specialist in the Medical Progressive Care Unit

Carrie is an amazing CNS. She is so supportive to all of our staff. She is so knowledgeable and willing to help us with anything on the MPC. She is so valuable to our staff.

January APP Appreciation Awards

Amy Wenz, nurse practitioner in the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism

Amy has managed to almost single-handedly maintain the nursing support in the Inpatient Diabetes Management Service (IDMS). Without her dedication to providing nursing support, the quality of inpatient diabetes care at Johns Hopkins wouldn't just plummet it would be nearly nonexistent. We need quality nurses, and Amy is among the best that Johns Hopkins has to offer. Amy has demonstrated unflagging enthusiasm, dedication to patients, excellent clinical acumen, and overall being an extremely positive team member.

Deirdre Wiederrecht, nurse practitioner in the Medical Progressive Care Unit

Deirdre is such a phenomenal NP. She is so knowledgeable and kind. She is a shining star and we are so beyond lucky to have her as a NP on the MPC.


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