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Maryland Loan Repayment Programs Application Cycle

We are pleased to announce opening of the Maryland Loan Repayment Programs (MLRP) 2024 application cycle. MLRP applications will be accepted from eligible applicants from March 1 – April 15, 2024. This year, applications will be completed on the MDH website utilizing an online application system. You can find program eligibility criteria, application instructions and all application documentation on the site. If you plan to apply, we strongly encourage you to read the application instructions and connect with your application contributors (employer and professional references) well in advance of application deadlines.

To assist with the application process, Application Instructions, an Application Checklist and a Frequently Asked Questions document are available. A series of Question and Answer Sessions are available throughout the application cycle. Visit the program website for available dates, times, and log-in information.

As a reminder, the Maryland Loan Repayment Programs (MLRP) offer higher education loan repayment assistance to health professionals including physicians, physician assistants, medical residents, nurses and nursing support staff. These professionals have the opportunity to practice in areas of healthcare professional shortages in exchange for loan repayment assistance. The annual application cycle is a competitive process. Adherence to application instructions and deadlines is extremely important.

If you have specific questions or need technical assistance during the application cycle, please contact program staff via:


Kelsey Bennett

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