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Medicine Matters Home Patient Care NEW: Addiction Medicine eConsult

NEW: Addiction Medicine eConsult

The Office of Telemedicine is excited to announce that Addiction Medicine is available for asynchronous provider-to-provider consultation through JHM Epic for adult patients in the Mid-Atlantic regional area.

Addiction Medicine eConsults are focused on alcohol use disorder, cocaine/stimulant use disorder, opioid use disorder, urine toxicology, benzodiazepine use disorder, and others.

E-Consults are an Epic pathway for internal provider-to-provider consultation initiated by a generalist (usually primary care) who submits a focused, non-urgent clinical question to a specialist for chart review and recommendations. eConsults are a cost-effective way to reduce wait times and increase patient access to specialties.

What kinds of clinical questions can be asked in an Addiction Med eConsult? 

  • How should I treat my patient at risk for alcohol withdrawal?
  • What medication should I prescribe my patient with alcohol use disorder to try to limit drinking?
  • Should I prescribe buprenorphine for my patient with opioid use disorder?

Check out the eConsult Workflow Tip Sheet.

What other Specialties offer eConsults?

Adult eConsults:

  • Neurology eConsult (Migraine, Neurovascular Imaging Abnormality, TIA)
  • Vascular Surgery eConsult (Vascular Imaging Question)
  • Adult Spine Surgery eConsult (Spine Imaging Question)
  • Diabetes Mellitus (Diabetes questions other than Type 1) TEMP PAUSED
  • Rheumatology (Positive ANA, Gout, Lyme Disease Rash Questions)
  • Genetics (Vascular Connective Tissue Disorders, Hypermobility Syndromes, Inborn Errors of Metabolism/Mitochondrial disease, Skeletal Dysplasia/Dwarfism, Clefts/Craniosynostosis, General Genetics)
  • Pharmacogenetics

Note – Historical eConsults for Dermatology and the OPAT program exist only for specific patient populations and are NOT for general use. If you have specific questions about their use, please contact the Office of Telemedicine at

If your specialty is interested in developing an eConsult program, enter an OOT JIRA to get started!

Please direct any general questions to JHM TELEMEDICINE or legal specific questions to TELEMEDICINE LEGAL. Visit our Video Visit Guidebook and the Telemedicine centralized site for all telemedicine tip sheets and resources. State waivers can be found at Licensure FAQs


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