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JHH Leadership Response Team Reviews

JHH attending staff can request Leadership Response Team (LRT) reviews to address urgent administrative concerns related to patient care and safety, when normal resources and discussions have been exhausted.

Leadership Response Team Reviews:

  • Involve JHH Chief Medical, Nursing, Care Coordination, Administrative Officers, Risk Management, Public Safety, others as needed
  • Same-day review and ongoing as needed
  • Frequent triggers: complex discharges, patient resistance to care progression, threatening patient/visitor behavior, need for JHH policy exceptions
  • How to call: In consultation with Charge Nurse, Shift Coordinator and DOM Inpatient Physician Administrator
    • Business hours: email Shereen Jahed, Program Manager, JHH Safety (, or as a back-up, April Taylor, JHH Chief Operating Officer (
    • Nights/Weekends: Hospital administrator on call (via operator)

Kelsey Bennett

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