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Medicine Matters Home Administration Factory Faculty eBook Available

Factory Faculty eBook Available

The Office of Faculty is pleased to provide a PDF of the newest Faculty Factory e-book, “The Academic Medicine Starter Kit: Timeless Tips & Guidance for Early-Career Faculty Members.

The book represents a culmination of over five years of in-depth interviews on the Faculty Factory Podcast, featuring 84 academic leaders and faculty members from 31 different institutions across North America.

The eight-chapter book delves into a diverse range of topics, including Promotion, Research & Scholarship; Mentorship, Coaching, & Sponsorship; Education; Self-awareness, Self-management, & Well-being; Leadership; Networking; Communication; and concludes with a comprehensive section of insights dubbed Pod Potpourri.

Each chapter greets readers with a brief introduction, setting the stage for the ensuing discussion. The content is enriched with profiles of relevant episodes and key takeaways from each. Readers are provided direct links to each podcast guest episode for a smooth transition from reading to listening.

If you wish, you can obtain a print or Kindle version of the newest Faculty Factory book here:

Print version:

Kindle version:


Kelsey Bennett

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