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Medicine Matters Home Administration Cooper Named Vice President for Health Equity for Johns Hopkins Medicine

Cooper Named Vice President for Health Equity for Johns Hopkins Medicine

Lisa Cooper, professor in the Division of General Internal Medicine, has been named vice president for health care equity for Johns Hopkins Medicine. She will assume the newly created position on Jan. 1, 2016.

As our nation struggles to improve population health while managing health care spending, moving from health disparities to health equity has emerged as a top priority here at Johns Hopkins Medicine and across the country. In this new role, Lisa will work closely with Peter Pronovost, director of the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality and senior vice president for patient safety and quality for Johns Hopkins Medicine, and James Page, vice president of diversity and inclusion and chief diversity officer for Johns Hopkins Medicine, to expand our efforts to eliminate inequity across the health system.

Under her leadership, Johns Hopkins Medicine will develop a systemwide plan to address health care disparities in high-risk populations. The plan will include the development of strategies to collect race, ethnicity and primary language data; the creation of a dashboard to assess and report transparently on clinical performance in readmissions, chronic disease management and patient satisfaction scores across population subgroups; the implementation of training materials and toolkits for clinicians and staff members and technical support for the implementation and evaluation of interventions to achieve health care equity across Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Lisa became interested in tackling health disparities when she witnessed firsthand the effects of social deprivation on the health of those in her home country of Liberia. As the director of the Johns Hopkins Center to Eliminate Cardiovascular Health Disparities, she leads a multidisciplinary team to implement rigorous clinical trials and identify effective, patient-centered solutions that alleviate health disparities among at-risk populations.

She has received national and international recognition for her research, including a MacArthur "Genius Grant," election to the National Academy of Medicine and the Herbert W. Nickens Award from the Association of American Medical Colleges for promoting social justice in medical education and health care equity.

Lisa received her bachelor's degree in chemistry from Emory University and her medical degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She completed her internship and residency in internal medicine at University of Maryland School of Medicine and the Baltimore VA Medical Center. An alumna of Johns Hopkins, she received her master's degree in public health from the Bloomberg School of Public Health while completing her postdoctoral fellowship in general internal medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Please join us in congratulating Lisa as she continues to advance the work in this important field and helps Johns Hopkins achieve health equity for all patients and the communities we serve.


Kelsey Bennett

30 thoughts on “Cooper Named Vice President for Health Equity for Johns Hopkins Medicine”

  1. Congratulations and profound best wishes for continuous success in a demanding field of service!

  2. Congratulations Cousin Lisa, we are very proud and happy for you. I wish my parents and Cousin Myiah were alive to witness your success. They would have been very proud of you also. Congratulations also to Cousin Izetta, your proud mother.

  3. Thanks so, Dr. Cooper, for this great achievement. Surely, in this great country any one can get a fare share of the American Dream. Liberia should be very proud of you.

    But don't forget about where you come from, Africa (Liberia).

    Once again, congratulations on your preferment.

  4. I am blushing right now with profound happiness. As a Liberian, I see your accomplishment as a motivation. Wow! It’s so amazing. Congratulations Ms. Cooper!

  5. Congratulations Dr. Cooper, as a young Liberian health professional, I am so proud of your achievements over the years. Sure indeed hard work pays off. Good luck and best wishes as you strive for higher heights in ur professional pursuits.

  6. What a great joy to see Dr Cooper from my motherland take on this great challenging position with great responsibility. Bravo Dr. Cooper the Republic of Liberia is very proud of you. I wish you success.

  7. Congratulations Lisa. Reading your accomplishments always brings a smile to my face. I was so excited to share this article with my daughters. I can only hope that sharing these articles will inspire my girls to think without limitations. To dream without boundaries and to achieve all that they've set out to accomplish.

  8. Congratulations Lisa Cooper! What an accomplishment! You have made your parents (Sis Lady and the late Uncle Miah,as we affectionately called them), your siblings and your family very very proud. John Hopkins has appointed one of the best. May God favor continue to be upon you always.. Best wishes in your new position..God bless!!! Much love.

  9. Congrats Dr. Cooper for this great achievement for humanity and sending a clear message that nothing is impossible if you believe and work toward it. God bless you Doc.

  10. Dr. Cooper, it comes as no surprise to some of us because we know your worth and the many contributions you continue to make to sound healthcare delivery. Please continue to do what you are doing, and do it with equal measurement as the Man above dictates. Many congratulations, Lisa!

  11. A very proud moment for Liberians everywhere. What a wonderful acievement indeed. To see a young Liberian strive to be the best that she can be in a country that rewards hard work, and after such dedication, gain the recognition that she so deserves, is simply amazing. The motherland (Liberia) is proud. We pray that your leadership serves as an inspiration to all Liberians, especially our young medical professionals and med students alike.

    From one Hopkins alum to another, I say a hearty congratulations... May God Almighty continue to strengthen you and guide your steps accordingly. All the best..

  12. Roberta Burke Williams

    Congratulations Dr. Cooper, we are so proud of you. Your hard work and dedication got you here, keep up the great work you are doing. Once again, thank you, thank you plenty! May God continue to keep his arms around you. Stay strong and be happy, you earn it big time!

  13. Dr. Cooper,
    Congratulations on your preferment as the VP for Health Equity at one of the prestigious and respected health institutions in the United States of America. Having skimmed through your CV, I'm of the strongest conviction that John Hopkins made the right choice. Mama Liberia is proud of one of its finest brains, and we wish you all the best. As you embark upon this daunting role, please think about your home country and what you can do to help revamp its broken healthcare delivery system.
    Again, congrats and best of luck!

  14. Congratulations Dr. Cooper on your appointment. We are so proud of your accomplishments and leadership. Thank you for your years of hard work proving that our girls can succeed and excel.
    Massa Talawoly

  15. A big, big Congratulations to Dr. Lisa Cooper on her appointment as Vice President! I work with Liza in a demanding global heath function where her leadership has been outstanding. Liza's appointment is a victory for humanity. Congratulations again, Liza.

  16. Hi Lisa, Thanks for devoting your strength in a highly classified discipline that serves humanity in many respects. Congratulations and our prayers for strength and long life.

  17. Alhaji Siaka Kamara

    Congratulations Ms. Lisa Cooper!!!
    We are so excited for you and wish you all the best in your new position.
    We wish you God's directions and understanding in implementing your duties.
    Congratulations again!!!

  18. Congratulations Lisa ("big-pa"). Am very proud to see the wonderfully brilliant woman you've become. I saw your face and said to myself " I know this person", before even reading the article... You were always a kind person, as I remember you. Lisa Cooper, Johns Hopkins made a good choice in bappointing you to this position; as you are an asset. May God continue to guide you. Edith, from your late Grandmother Aunt Kate's house...

  19. So proud of you and been following your work. I am proud to call you a fellow Liberian.

    You are a role model for Liberian women and girls and the pride of our nation.

  20. CephasEdwin Barnard Jr.

    Congratulations Ms. Cooper for your Academic Achievements. I am very proud of you as a Woman, especially a Liberian Women. I know how happy and proud your parents must be. I know you are going to do well in your Profession. I am from Liberia also and I will say a prayer for you. God Bless you and keep the Faith.

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