Service Day at Moveable Feast

moveable feastLast Friday, members of the DOM administration along with division administrators stepped out of their offices and into the kitchen of Moveable Feast, an organization whose mission is to preserve the quality of life for people with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening conditions by providing food and services. The group of 20 donned their hairnets and aprons to help with food preparation, meal packaging, pantry stocking and clean up.


Together, they prepped:

  • 1,620 frozen entrees
  • 607 produce bags
  • 80 grocery bags
  • 60 lunch bags (consisting of one sandwich, one juice, one condiment and a granola bar)
  • 7 dairy boxes ( for 13 people/7 days)
  • 50lbs. onions
  • 60lbs. green peppers
  • 50lbs. red peppers
  • 265 portions of chicken nuggets (5 pieces each)
  • 300 pieces of chicken leg quarters
  • 385 slices of turkey bacon
  • 630 hamburgers
  • 70 lbs. macaroni salad
  • 60 lbs. fruit salad

For more information about Movable Feast, visit: