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Computers Used at Johns Hopkins – Coming and Going

Summer is a time of comings and goings in an academic center, so it’s important to be mindful of how this relates to the electronic devices we use at work.

Arriving personnel and their devices

Computers purchases using Johns Hopkins funds (sponsored or non-sponsored, paid directly or reimbursed) must be made through Johns Hopkins purchasing channels. This was explained in a prior Medicine Matters post based on the institution’s Computing Device Acquisition policy that went into effect on Dec 1, 2016. Devices used for clinical work must be managed by a certified JH IT group like MNet, IT@JH CTS, Hopkins Bayview IT, or Basic Sciences Network.

Computers purchased elsewhere (not via Johns Hopkins) should not be used for Johns Hopkins work; an exception is the use of a non-JH computer to connect to the Johns Hopkins virtual desktop (via the MyJH portal or more directly via – because the computing actually occurs on a computer located on the JH campus.

Departing personnel, devices and data

Computers purchased with Johns Hopkins funds (whether from sponsored or non-sponsored “gift” accounts) are the property of Johns Hopkins; therefore, such computers must not be transferred to another institution, converted for personal use or gifted. Exceptions can be granted when computers have been fully depreciated of their value, as determined by Johns Hopkins Administration. Because most Department of Medicine computers are supported by MNet, please note policy #17 regarding removal of computers, in the MNet policies here.

Departing personnel and devices must not carry JH data with them without approval, as noted in (this list is informative but not exhaustive):

When in doubt, ask your divisional administrator, IT support team or the Vice Chair for Data Integrity and Analytics - Stuart Ray (


Kelsey Bennett